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Linux Scheduler – Introduction

In Linux Scheduler, Work In Progress on June 6, 2012 at 10:04 am

This article explains Linux scheduler’s terminology.

What is a task?
Linux scheduler deals with tasks. Each process and thread is a task in the eyes of the scheduler. Task is represented by task_struct structure.

What is a scheduling policy?
Scheduling policy controls how scheduler manages the tasks.

What policies does Linux support?

Which is most common scheduling policy?
SCHED_OTHER – Default Linux time-sharing scheduling policy used by the majority of processes

What is CFS?
Stands for Completely Fair Scheduler (CFS) . It is default Linux kernel scheduler.

What is a run queue?
Run queue can be thought of as list of tasks that can run on a CPU.

What is time slice?
Time a task runs on CPU before being pre-empted out.

What is task weight?
Each task has a weight. This weight is related to process (or thread) priority. Higher the priority, more will be the weight.

  1. Hello

    In /proc/sched_debug , .curr->pid gives the current pid of the task processed by the CPU

    Let’s say for historical reason in my source code, If I want to read what pid was the previous task run on that CPU ? Do you know which could be the more meaningful field ?


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